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Large-scale project : SUAVE

The Large-Scale Project 2009/2010

The project was proposed by Rockwell Collins France. Students working as a team and using their engineering skills will satisfy the client's needs and have to finish this professional project in 5 months.
The first phase of our work will be done in parallel with all the courses of the first semester and consists in writing the book of requirements, designing the system and developing all the pre-process of the coding phase. Consequently we will have one month before the master thesis internship to code the system, test it and deliver it to the client in the end of February 2010. A final review of the finished product will take place on the 26th Friday of February. The progress of the project will be detailed in the News section of the website. In the following paragraphs the project's objectives will be presented as well as ours.

The objectives of the project

The plan is to develop a platform of UAV ground-surveillance simulation. The interest of simulation with UAV is related to the difficulties of technologies and laws on real UAVs in today's society. Furthermore by simulating, we can evaluate all concepts and the proposed solutions without testing them in real sites and thereby reducing time, effort and cost.
The UAVs used for the project are Mini-UAV with Vertical Take-Off and Landing (MUAV-VTOL). These UAV are equipped with a standard video camera and with an infrared one and will transmit the processed information after capture by their sensors to the operator. The surveillance consists in observing a specific ground zone or to track and follow a vehicle.

Our goal

Our objective is to develop software modules and tools to simulate UAV surveillance missions using a system consisting of:

To resume we will design a real time UAV simulator with a realistic surrounding view and a mobile user interfaced controlled station.