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Large-scale project : SUAVE

News of the PGE 2009/2010

You can read here the various stages of the progress of the project and the events bound to this one.

Work presentation (07/09/2010)

Here are the last files on the SUAVE project and the results of the PGE 2010. You can consult the press review announcing the delivery review and also the document thrown during the delivery review
Press review
Delivery review

Video of the review of delivery (26/02/2010)

You can see the video of the review of delivery at this link : video.

Review of delivery (26/02/2010)

After a month of development, we presented the result of our work during the review of delivery in front of approximately 200 persons. This review of delivery gathers students, teachers, customers, industrial partners and parents to show our work. This presentation allowed us to make demonstrations directly from the various tools that we produced.

Beginning of the development (01/02/2010)

The examinations of the end of years are ended, all the class works now full-time on the development of the SUAVE project. We have now one month to go up to the end of this adventure...

General conception review (03/12/2009)

General conception review will take place on Thursday, December 3rd. This review has for objective to put presenting the structure which we gave to the project. So as to show our decomposition of blocks software and other one of the project. It is an overview on the way we are going to proceed to the software conception of the project without entering the technical details.

Specification review (06/11/2009)

This review will take place on the Friday 26th of November which will go through all the functional requirements based on use case scenarios. The aim is to verify that we understood the client requirements and also assure all the system’s necessary functions.

Initialization review (16/10/2009)

The initialization review will take place on the Friday 16th of October. The aim is to verify that we understood the subject and to clear with the client specific requirement points.